An unusual composition in my opinion. Frank Zappa is all about madness, and one would expect anything from him. In “Watermelon in Easter Hay”, Zappa goes on an instrumental streak after his speech finishes in the first minute. This piece can take you anywhere you want.

Some songs never die.
You will be seeing on this blog a series of classics that will be adored by generations to come.

First of this series, is “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King. This song has been covered by a lot of artists, but King’s version remains a personal favorite.

I subjectively refer to that song as a “perfect” song. Every time it plays, the song sets me in a really good mood. If I want to define the 80’s, “Rosanna” by Toto would be in the top of the list. 

There it is people. The power of covers. We can all agree that “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen is a disease. It is all over the web, and parodies are endless. But, this where Ben Howard’s version interferes, and makes a lame song, actually really cool!

The best “Day Tripper” cover, a single originally written and released by The Beatles. Nancy Sinatra’s version succeeds in preserving the genius guitar riff, and at the same time, stays loyal to Sinatra’s sound that we all know from “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. 

“The River” is one of Bruce Springsteen’s signature songs. The harmonica intro gives you an idea about the song’s story. In this rare live version, which runs for 11 minutes, The Boss is narrating a story from his youth, in a usual Springsteen voice and charm. Great emotional performance.

Lou Reed and his different distinct styles are an essential part of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s history. Whether with The Velvet Underground (and Nico) or later through his solo career, he never failed to serve Rock ‘n’ Roll. This is “Satellite of Love” from the 1972 album Transformers. 

I am not usually a fan of indie rock. Also, I wouldn’t agree that it is a music genre by itself, since it has also given way to many sub-genres. Local Natives first have a cool name for a band. I don’t know yet any other song, but “Airplanes” has been on my ipod for two years maybe and I never skip it. Hope you enjoy it, and maybe suggest similar cool songs from this band!

I only know one song of The Stranglers and I’m not too proud. “Always The Sun” had always moved something in me, and I should get to know more of their work. I’ll appreciate any suggestions!
Note: Use a headphone. 

A small deviation of what was being posted here. Blink 182 had their success with a coming of age population in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and I was one of them. “I miss you”, released in 2003 is not the usual Blink song you are going to hear; when you listen to it, you would probably reminisce on early innocent romantic affiliations you had . If I want to describe my early teen years with a few songs, “I miss you” would be one of them.